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the difference between an I PHONE and my own body circulation problems


  Sometimes our lower back pain, can be avoid with the use of alternative medicine. Sometimes is the combination of circulation problems as well that, causes pain

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This is my phone, and it's an I Phone. A device so intelligent that consumes so much information and storage it, in a storage compartment call the I-Cloud. This device gets data from several millions of cells that are out there, to bring me the freshest, newest updated information, faster than light or electricity.

As you can see, we surround it by millions of cells of information, trying to get to our device, so when it needs it, we can either "google it" or use any tab bar of the program we are using as it pops up, however, it does not come alone it also could come with thousands of other bad cells call "viruses" so please be careful when using this (internet) cells to find relevant information to fulfill your needs.

I guess what I'm trying to say. If you were asking yourself, "what is he talking about?" Well, the human bodies designed are the same way. We have millions of cells in our body, and some are correctly working, some not. Some of them will try to send us a signal. Either to prevent us from a significant deceased or illness, but we have so many, sometimes it's hard to manage them and information gets lost and gets what?" We get sick".

Please understand that our body it's like our own iPhone device, however, it depends on us to send information to our cells, for our wellness, but we simply pay very little attention, because, we have the best engine in the world, that engine that doesn't easily break, like our vehicles, and does not stop, as our gardener lawnmower only because it needs a spark plug. However, in the end, the consequences may be severe and turn against you or even your loved ones. The facts are; we can either get ill or get a non-curable decease such as "cancer, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, or even a stroke." It can avoid itself; if we maintain, a healthy regime of nutrition, keeping up with doctor's visits, exercise, and diet, but in today's world, we suffer from a lack of attention to our health.

In today's date, we go to the doctor for a prescription to cure a common cold, inability to "poop" due to a digestion problem, or chronic pains, such as headaches, migraine, fibromyalgia, lower back pain (due to our jobs), pain in our veins, our muscles, due to blood circulation issues, or simpler our engine needs a regular tune-up. Just like the updates our i Phones due, (very often) or, our cars almost every other month, we don't listen.

A solution has arrived. And the best is that it's "FREE" to try with specific Electroceuticals modalities, that can replace what the doctors tell you every time you pay a visit. (Exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier, do a diet and walk at least half hour every day).

"Why are they asking me for this?" Our bodies tend to function as our I-phones. But it needs to maintain a certain rhythm to keep working correctly. The question that arises is; are you managing your engine, how often do you update your iPhone? Do you care to have a great life? Or die knowing you could have gone to a place that cares for you., and it's willing to educate you, with these new modalities for a healthier living. No cost to you with a first time 'FREE SESSION"? for you to learn, how you can benefit and explore the beauty of healthy living?

Blood cells in our body, at a size we can not always see it as. Just lie the cell phone cells.

Blood cells in our body, at a size we can not always see it as. Just lie the cell phone cells.